A few times in our life, we'll try the movie-style credit card trick on a locked door to see if it actually works, which it almost never does. If you do figure it out, be sure to take your card with you, or use something that doesn't have your name printed on it.

According to a new statement from the Michigan State Police, a woman was returning home on October 31st when she saw a man exiting her house.

She recognized the suspect and yelled his name as he left the scene.

When investigators arrived on the scene, they searched the area but weren't able to find the described male.

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An investigation of the home found that a door lock had been jimmied using a debit card. On the scene, officers discovered a damaged debit card with the name "James John Tanner."

Police issued a warrant for the arrest of Tanner. He was easy to find because he was already in jail from an unrelated charge.

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