The outbreak of mutant "super lice" is spreading, including here in the midwest. Twenty-five states now confirm the pesky bug, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas. reports that some regular treatments still work against "super lice," while others require larger doses to kill them or still don't work. The bugs, which are identical to other lice, except in their survivability are forcing some to use AirAlle. Lice Clinics of America developed the product and their CEO, Claire Roberts, told "It takes about an hour, and we guarantee it.” Fox News reports the treatment can cost as much as $170.

How do you avoid your children getting lice? It's not easy. Lice crawl from person to person so your kids should avoid contact with anyone who has them. Also, a big no-no is sharing brushes, combs, or any type of hair accessories. Clothes should be washed in hot water and dried using a hot setting on your dryer.

Hopefully, we'll keep "super lice" out of Iowa but if your household encounters lice of any type, here's a look at how to treat for them.

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