Stryper has announced a concert in Des Moines on Wednesday, May 23rd. The show will be at the Val Air Ballroom. It's an all-ages show, tickets range from $30-$40. The Val Air is located at 301 Ashworth Road.

Stryper's third album, To Hell with the Devil, spent more then three months on the charts and sold over two million copies. It was Stryper's most successful record, and the first time a Christian metal album had ever sold two million. They quickly became one of biggest rock bands in the country back in 1987.

Stryper has always been know for being a great live band. I'm glad the Val Air booked this show - it's been a long time since Stryper has played anywhere close to us here in Iowa. I've never seen the band, but I definitely plan to make it to Des Moines on May 23, 2018!

If you are looking more info on the show, check out this link.

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