Well, this is certainly one way to put the "fun" in "funeral."

A 76-year-old politician in Taiwan by the name of Tung Hsiang recently died and got a sendoff for the ages when his son arranged for 50 strippers to dance on the tops of cars during his funeral procession shortly after the New Year.

It's like pole dancers met pallbearers. Mourning met morning wood. Stiff met stiffy. We'd say he was rolling over in his grave, but he probably didn't or else he could've lost the view.

Tung's son, who also works in public service, said he decided to bring in the women because his dad "enjoyed a buzz."

The procession lasted for two hours -- presumably paid out in a boatload of singles -- and Tung's brother said, "He told us he wanted this through a dream two days before the funeral." He was a typical dude -- thinking about sex right until his very last breath.

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