As part of AXS TV's ongoing YouTube series "Stranded," Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo has named his five favorite albums, which includes live and greatest hits records.

Last year, DeLeo released his solo album Lessons Learned, which deviated quite a bit from the music he makes in Stone Temple Pilots. It's a gentle listening experience driven by acoustic instrumentation topped by dreamy singing. Perhaps fans were caught a bit off guard by the stylistic endeavor, but DeLeo's favorite albums reveal quite a bit more about him as a musician and helps offer a lot of contest for the solo affair.

He tells AXS TV, which is also home to the televised rock talk show The Power Hour, about the records he would have if stranded on a desert island, beginning with a greatest hits compilation from Canadian folk rock singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. The bassist then moves along to a live record, a historic release by the "Godfather of Soul," James Brown. In addition to the music being inspirational, DeLeo muses that he learned how to dance by watching the notorious "Hardest Working Man in Show Business."

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After that, it's on to one of Led Zeppelin's least popular albums, one DeLeo says is his favorite by the legendary rock group. Of course, a Beatles classic makes the cut and DeLeo says the song on that record were like nursery rhymes to him during his youth.

Finishing things up, DeLeo shouts out an iconic release by The Beach Boys, crediting Brian Wilson as a musician who helped him better understand songwriting and arrangements.

See exactly what DeLeo had to say below and view the AXS TV video further down the page.

Stone Temple Pilots' Robert DeLeo's 5 Favorite Albums

As part of AXS TV's 'Stranded' YouTube series, the Stone Temple Pilots bassist names his 5 favorite albums.

Stone Temple Pilots' Robert DeLeo's 5 Favorite Albums

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