The rise of MMA bouts over the last decade and a half has led some to call the sport of boxing dead. It's ressurection is Saturday night in Vegas. Mayweather v. Pacquaio. Every time Free Beer & Hot Wings talk about this, they relay what a dipsh*t Mayweather is. Couldn't agree more. I'm not going to show you videos of him avoiding domestic violence questions. It's boring to listen to 99% of athletes. Those who get punched in the face for a living put you into an even higher state of boredom. The culture needs another Ali.

Anyway, on to the fight. Here's the brawlers up close. Wish they would take off the gloves and just do a street fight.

Wallethub has an infographic for us.

61%: Of experts believe Mayweather will win

$74M: Ticket revenue expected from the 15K-seat MGM Grand Garden Arena

$300M+: Expected domestic pay-per-view revenue

Here's one more from me, but it's just an estimate:

Gazillions: The money these guys will take away from the bout.

If you threw some bucks into a pay-per-view pot, save a few back and stop over to Tailgators/Coralville after the fight. We're having a party to help our friend Tommy Lang.