Stop me if you're heard this one: A guy was POed his neighbor didn't mow his lawn, so he burned down their home. What's that? That's a new one? Mhm, I figured it was since thankfully it's a rare occurrence. Buuut, it happened in Western Iowa.

Siouxland Proud reports 53-year old Sioux City, Iowa resident Lee Bowman is in jail after a dispute with his neighbor over lawn care led to arson.

Bowman started the fire and watched the house burn

According to the article, Bowman was so mad his neighbors didn't mow his lawn that he grabbed some sticks and plywood, set them up by his neighbors home, and with the aid of an accelerant, started the sticks and plywood on fire. What's worse, he just watched as another neighbor rushed to warn them of the fire. Cops showed up, learned there was video proof Bowman was at the home, and even footage of him attempting to remove the registration sticker off one of their vehicles. Again, all this because they didn't mow his lawn. Sheesh.

The home luckily was not destroyed

Bowman's revenge burning did about $3,000 in damage to his neighbors home. Luckily, no one was injured. Bowman was arrested as you might imagine, and was charged with Arson 1st and Criminal Mischief. He remains in jail on a $20,000 bond. His victims are also pursuing a no-contact order. I mean, I'd move, but maybe that's just me. I'm not sure if this guy is more dumb criminal or a dangerous criminal. Might be a toss-up really.

Hopefully, Mr. Bowman isn't given access to matches again...

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