The storm that hit Eastern Iowa 11 days ago was one for the ages. Power lines went down, cars were crushed and homes were literally destroyed. It was a bad day for most of us and it's something we will never forget.

Here in Cedar Rapids, the damage was REALLY bad. It seems like the west side of town got hit the hardest. I was over there yesterday and couldn't believe what I saw! It was pretty crazy and I'm happy there were very few injuries from the storm.

Speaking of seeing things, we'd like you to share a picture or two of what happened on your side of town. We can compare pictures and I'll put them all together and make a gallery of the photos.

All you have to do is put your photo in the comment box right here on the Facebook post. I'll thank you in advance for sharing your photos with us here at the radio station.

Let's hope something like this never rips through our state again. It was a terrible storm and we're still picking up the pieces as we speak. And as of Friday morning, there were still over 10,000 customers in Cedar Rapids with no power.

Let's hope crews can make some more progress this weekend and we can get the lights on to everyone here in the "City of Five Seasons."

Again, just drop us a photo in the comment box from the storm on Monday, August 10th. We appreciate you sharing with us.

Be safe out there!

PHOTOS: Massive 2020 Storm Causes Widespread Damage in Cedar Rapids

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