Scorpions are making the most of catching their second wind and singer Klaus Meine has revealed in a new interview that the band is back writing new music. Speaking with Scorpions Brazil (heard in the player below), Meine revealed that the band had been in the studio together, with the potential for new music next year.

The vocalist revealed that after their touring earlier this year, the band discussed the idea of taking a breather but hitting the studio for a stint before their next round of dates this year.

Meine stated, "When Rudolf [Schenker] came back from Thailand and we all came back together, just a couple of weeks ago, actually, we went straight into the studio, and it was fantastic. We had such a good time, and there were plenty of ideas. It was a really good vibe to work without big pressure or anything — just come back together, write a couple of songs, enjoy some time in the studio, and it really turned out really good and in a very positive way."

The vocalist added he was keen to continue writing and enjoyed being back in the creative space. "It's really amazing that I guess all of us really enjoy this part of creativity and coming back together without really expecting too much — just to let it flow," said the singer. "Tt was really great, and I would have loved if we could keep going, because we just have a great flow. But knowing that we go back on the road soon — in June — there's just limited time right now."

He continued, "If somebody would ask me the question, 'Is there a chance for a new album?', the chance is much bigger now than it was just a couple of weeks ago. But we will be back on the road soon. And I guess we don't have a chance to go back working on new songs really before the end of the year or early next year. But there's a good feeling in the Scorpions camp there might be a new album out in 2020."

The band's last release, 2017's Born to Touch Your Feelings - Best of Rock Ballads, offered a mix of original and classic material. It was their last album to include drummer James Kottak. Former Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee has filled the void and is expected to appear on the new material.

As stated, Scorpions return to the road next month, kicking off a run of European summer dates on June 14 in Malaga, Spain. See all of their scheduled stops here.

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