The signs are all here: the leaves are turning, the air is getting colder, and clowns are being spotted everywhere. Halloween is fast approaching and the question is -Are you ready?

If you weren't aware, this is one of the busiest weeks for Halloween shopping, so if you haven't already, I suggest jumping on that spooky train and riding it all the way through the deathly end of All Hallows Eve...

Not only are more people shopping this week for Halloween, but according to USA Today they are also spending more too. It is projected that the average household will spend $83 on Halloween this year. Approximately one third of that is spent just on candy to hand out! That means you are spending at least $25 dollars on candy that you don't even get to eat!

If that isn't scary enough think about this. Americans are projected to spend approximately $8.4 BILLION dollars on treats, pumpkins, and costumes this year. To put that into perspective, that is more than what has been spent on all Halloween related items in the last 11 years put together!

Bottom line-- Break out those fancy chipped credit cards (no one carries checks any more), make sure you've got your Depends, stay clear of clowns, and don't forget to treat yourself. The scariest holiday season is upon us. Muahh-ha-ha!

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