It's my favorite holiday of the year and it's only 60 days away! Saint Patrick's day this year falls on Sunday, March 17th. That's right, it's a Sunday. So what does that mean for us?

First off, they ARE NOT  moving the parade to Saturday. I've been asked by several people if the parade would take place on the day before. There really is no reason to change the day at all. If you ask me, Sunday is perfect!

You can get all of the info for the 2019 parade at the official SaPaDaPaSo page at this link. This is also the spot you can visit to get signed up if you want your group to be included in this years parade.

So, back to Sunday. I think it's the BEST day of the week for this awesome Irish celebration. Unless you plan to hit church in the morning, all you have to do is wake up, eat breakfast and start partying!

I have a feeling the drinks will start flowing very early in the morning. Most people will probably stay home Saturday night to rest up for the big day on Sunday. I know that's my plan! Just make sure you have a designated driver lined up before you head out for the day.

The last time Paddy's day was on a Sunday was March 17th, 2013. Whether you love it or hate it, we won't have another "Sunday Funday" on March 17th until the year 2019!

I'll see you (after Church) on SUNDAY, March 17th.....CHEERS!

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