For anyone who enjoys spending a year preparing for a weekend chasing the goal of running a marathon, half marathon, or 10K run, the annual Run CRANDIC event is a popular place to check that item off their bucket list.

Corridor Running is the organization that has been hosting the event since 2018. Iowa's News Now reports that for the second time in its short history, and the second year in a row, organizers announce it has been called off due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The goal of this event for participants is not just to outpace other competitors, it's to enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow runners who see their hard work as a source of pride. It usually lacks a lot of one of our new favorite phrases, "social distancing" and organizers do not see a safe logistical path to hold the event with that in mind, given the circumstances again this year. You can see their statement below.

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The event went virtual last year, according to Cedar Rapids Gazette. Participants ran the distances at their own pace and on their own time and recorded their results. There's no indication they will pivot in that direction again this year so running enthusiasts will have to look elsewhere to get their fix, which itself could be a challenge as many similar events may follow suit.

In the meantime, they encourage those who were eager to participate this year to prepare and await word on their plans for next year, while heading out to pound the pavement to keep themselves healthy because unlike this event, "running has not been canceled".

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