Here in Iowa, we know all about deer. Some people hunt them, others hit them with their cars, and some of us even catch them drinking from our bird feeders. Deer are everywhere. But if you think it's bad in Iowa......We've got nothing on Canada!

According to SB Nation, "A 25-year old Canadian man was just trying to walk inside after getting out of his truck when a rogue deer obliterated him almost immediately." This is one of the craziest videos I've seen in my entire life! What was the deer thinking? Was he mad??

If this was me, I would have been terrified out of my mind! Not only do we have to keep an eye out on the road, but now you have to watch your back in the parking lot. Keep your eyes peeled people, they're on the hunt!

Hey, maybe the Iowa Hawkeye's should sign this guy to the program. He sure knows how to block!

[Source: SB Nation, ABC NEWS]

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