Another bill is being sent to the governor that would change up the hunting season in Iowa.

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A new January hunting season for deer antlerless deer is waiting for approval from Governor Kim Reynolds. During this season, hunters will also be able to use semi-automatic rifles.

According to U.S. News, the bill was approved to help control the deer population and as a response to complaints of excess deer eating corn and the road hazards they pose.

Senator Ken Rozenboom says in a Radio Iowa report that this bill allows the use of semi-automatic rifles, but not for sport.

The purpose of this season is not to hunt for sport, but rather to manage the size of the herd, which is why more efficient and effective firearms are being authorized.

When the bill went through the Senate, it passed unanimously. The House passed it Tuesday in a 56-34 vote, but people, such as Democrat Representative Todd Prichard worry about safety.

The range that I’m familiar with this type of weapon and round is 3400-3600 meters. It’s about two and a half miles…five miles in diameter.

A person who is experienced with an AR-15 can hit a target around six football fields away, however, the bullets can travel further than that.

Rosenboom’s bill also requires the Iowa Insurance Division, the Iowa DOT, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and Iowa State University to study the state’s deer herd by fall 2023.

To get a thorough look at the overall deer population and its impact on crops, on trees (and) property loss, medical costs and fatalities due to vehicle accidents with deer.

There will also be a reduced fine for hunters that illegally shoot an antlerless deer.

Iowa Farm Bureau supports the bill due to the damage deer cause to corn crops.  Pheasants Forever, the Iowa Bow Hunters Association, the Iowa Conservation Alliance, and the State Police Officers Council are opposed to the bill.

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