If you want to roll the bones in Washington County, you'll need to wear a face covering.

According to KCRG TV-9, "One of Eastern Iowa's casinos announced on Monday that it will be requiring patrons to use face coverings in order to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus."

The casino we are talking about is Riverside. They sent a tweet yesterday explaining why they have made the decision to make masks mandatory for all patrons. The rule went into effect on Monday, June 20th.

The tweet said the following:

"Due to the recently updated information related to #COVID19 issued by the CDC over the past week relative to the effectiveness of wearing face coverings, we are requiring the use of face coverings effective today, July 20th."

The KCRG TV-9 story mentioned the casino will give masks to those who need it free of charge. You can read the full article by clicking this link.

I've talked to a number of my friends and family members about visiting casinos with everything going on right now. Most of them told me they don't feel comfortable gambling in a casino right now.

My buddy Mike said, "Having to wear a mask, taking my temperature when I walk in and having to leave the table to drink my beer doesn't sound like fun to me." He said he won't return to an Iowa casino until things get better.

What about you? Do you feel comfortable gambling right now at an Iowa casino?

Comment below and we will discuss.

[Source of story: KCRG TV-9]

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