We've all said some stupid things we wish we could take back.

Iowa congressman Steve King is no exception. But his latest choice of words like "white supremacy" haven't gone over so well, especially within his own political party.

Both of Iowa's Republican Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley have been critical of King's comments. And now the highest ranking female Republican leader, House GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming has issued a statement calling for King's resignation.

This morning Cheney, the top ranking GOP leader said "I think he should find another line of work."

According to npr: "Cheney was one of the first House Republicans to criticize King and characterize his words as "racist" following a Times story last week in which he was quoted questioning why the term white supremacy had become offensive.

King has denied all allegations of racism, and said he was misquoted. Unmoved by his defense, House Republicans acted swiftly on Monday to strip him of his committee assignments on the Agriculture, Judiciary and Small Business panels in the new Congress. King denounced that move as a "political decision."

Maybe they're right. Maybe it's time for Mr. King to find another line of work.

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