Yesterday was day 1 of the 2022 Masters Tournament and there were a lot of great things to enjoy. Tiger Woods finished -1 on the day and people were wondering if he would even be able to walk all 18 holes.

Number 1 player in the world Dustin Johnson is tied for second, at -4, and a golfer you've probably never heard of, Im Sue-jae, is currently in first place.

However, now is the time to really start pulling for Cedar Rapids native Zach Johson.

Zach had an okay first day finishing his round at +2 and is currently tied for 38th place. He now has +200000 odds of winning the whole tournament. These odds aren't exactly great but it does mean a $100 bet can win you $200,000!

Even a bet of $10 dollars would have you winning $20,000. I don't know about you but I could definitely use an extra 20 grand. He has a little work to do but anything can happen at the Masters.

Zach has played in the Masters 17 years in a row and offered some perspective on the condition of the course according to thegazette

“The golf course is as predictable as you could ask for, and I mean that in a good one,” Johnson said. “You know what you will get with the golf course and that’s a helpful thing as a competitor.”

This sounds like a man ready to make a run for the green jacket. He's also very familiar with the "undulating greens" (an overused golf term that really just means hilly) which the Augusta golf course is known for.

You can actually take a look at the first 9 holes at Augusta and get an idea of what he's battling around the greens.


Most courses on the PGA tour don't possess the amount of break you see at Augusta. Being so familiar with the course gives Zach an advantage and makes the possibility of a comeback, well, possible.

“I don’t add clutter (the week of the Masters), I keep it really simple,” Johnson said according to thegazette

While Johson may not have as long of drives as many of the players in the tournament he surely knows his way around the greens.

Remember that old golf saying "Drive for show, putt for dough." Hopefully, Johnson is putting some dough in your bank account once this Masters tournament is over.

Let's just hope we don't see any of this from Zach this year. He was practicing swinging and accidentally hit his own golf ball into a tee marker, at the Masters, back in 2019. Thankfully this was dubbed unintentional and Zach was able to re-tee his ball.

*WARNING* There is a curse word in this video at the 9-second mark.


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