Flour, contaminated with E. coli, has caused people to get sick in more than 20 states and authorities are warning people not to eat raw dough.

The 46 people who've become sick so far either ate raw dough or handled it. The flour that all of them were affected by was made from November of 2015 through February of this year at a General Mills plant in Kansas City, Missouri. Nearly 45 million pounds of it are under recall. Note: General Mills produces 2.5 billion pounds of flour each year.

How did E. coli get into flour? Neither the FDA or CDC know, but they're working on figuring it out.

The recall includes unbleached, all-purpose and self-rising flour varieties from General Mills. Wondra, Signature Kitchens, and Gold Medal flour are also part of the recall as well as some cake mixes, a pancake mix, and biscuit mix. The entire list of recalled items is available here.

Obviously, don't eat raw dough that includes this flour. Don't even cook with it. E. coli is definitely something you don't want to mess with.

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