We know all about the "7 Wonders of Iowa". Have you visited them all?

With all our great scenery and landmarks, it leaves one to "wonder" about a few things that are missing.

"I Wonder If Cedar Rapids Will Ever Get A Casino"

Not likely. The powers-that-be have discussed this issue multiple times, and have been turned down by the folks who can make it happen in the Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission, so those still pining for a casino might be out of luck.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

"I Wonder If Cedar Rapids Will Ever Get a Waterpark"

This is a better possibility. In fact, it's almost happened, but locations & logistics are still being worked out.

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"I Wonder if Cedar Rapids Will Ever Get a Professional Sports Team"

We have the Kernels, the River Kings, the RoughRiders,  the Hawkeyes a little south of Cedar Rapids plus major college sports in Ames, Des Moines and Cedar Falls. We're also helping plan next year's Perfect Game Celebrity Softball event with more major-league talent lined up.  But some still dream bigger. A quick drive to Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City or St. Louis are our best options for the time being. The Yankees and White Sox at Field of Dreams might start a new tradition of current Major League teams coming here to play but they're not OUR teams.

"I Wonder If Cedar Rapids Will Ever Get Major Entertainment Acts and Shows"

Our venues include the U.S. Cellular Center, Paramount Theatre, McGrath Amphitheatre, even Veteran's Memorial Stadium and the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena are being used as music venues to attract A-List entertainment, and we also have plenty of local music at a friendly price with Uptown Friday Nights, Marion Uptown Getdown and more. All we hear about is the failed "NewBo Evolve" that could have been the biggest show this town ever saw. But it was only seen as a failure.

Nicole Schroeder

"I Wonder if Cedar Rapids City Leaders Will Ever Pay Attention to Areas Outside of Downtown and NewBo"

We make a big deal out of downtown and NewBo because they are considered the money centers of the city (some may say it's the root of all evil but you can't do much of anything without it) and our biggest entertainment destination, but that doesn't mean the rest of the city should be neglected. Given all the construction you see around town, that should lead to more progress. It's also on residents of those areas to speak louder to leadership about their needs.

"I Wonder If Cedar Rapids Will Ever Get My Favorite Restaurant".

TGI Friday's is gone but we always wonder if it will come back. Dave & Buster's is coming, but not to Cedar Rapids. I and others have been hungry for a Cracker Barrel for years. It's a neverending debate: what restaurants would we like to see in Cedar Rapids?

Brian Jackson, Thinkstock

"I Wonder if Cedar Rapids Will Get A Flood Wall"

This one is not to be taken lightly. But it's being worked on and will take time. Meanwhile, temporary levees are being built to double as functioning entertainment and recreation venues and the city has learned from 2008 to use protections like HESCO barriers to prepare for oncoming flood threats. We all want to avoid repeating the scene below.