If you don't say "awe" when you watch this, you probably don't have a soul.

A baby deer was spotted in New York with its back leg stuck in a chain link fence. Little Bambi was spotted by police, and even though the cops did not have explicit training in animal rescue, they did not hesitate to save the deer.

West Seneca Police Department
West Seneca Police Department

The West Seneca Police Department posted on their Facebook page, "During times when Animal Control isn't available, we often get called upon to free deer from nets, railings, fences, etc. Sometimes it's nice to share a lighter side of police work, so here is a video from this morning courtesy of the overnight shift, brought to you by Bang energy drinks and Sunoco breakfast sandwiches."

Watch the video below:

When a commenter asked how long it took them to get the deer out, the West Seneca Police replied, " Just about 7 minutes. But in deer years that's about an hour."

The video was posted on July 7th at 11 A.M. and since then it has gained over 2K likes and reactions.

The free deer running away. West Seneca Police Department
The now free deer running away. West Seneca Police Department

Comments on the Video

A very happy citizen said, "Thanks for ALL you do..from rescuing animals and people to keeping us safe... for putting your lives on the line every day to keep law and order... I truly respect you and THANK YOU and pray for you ALL to be safe and healthy."

Another person chimed in with some advice, "I don't know if this works for deer or not but with horses, we cover their head and face. It seems to calm them down until we get them out of their predicament."

Here is a funny comment about the deer's manors, "Typical kid, ran off without a thanks, LOL! Great job!"

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