One of the big fixtures of the city of Waterloo is the Black's Building on Sycamore Street. Thousands of dollars worth of items from this building are currently up for grabs in an upcoming auction.

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Earlier this year, the owners of the Black's Building, Vern and Donna Nelson, filed for bankruptcy. So, now the building is currently up for sale; along with countless items with some sort of Waterloo/Black's Building connection.

The auction is organized by Rich Penn, and all of these items are tied to this Downtown building. Most of them actually come from the Nelson's own collection.

Rich Penn Auctions

These antiques range from paintings that have hung up in the Black's Building to furniture and even a vintage looking piano. The value of some of these pieces falls between $50 to $10,000.

Also, there is a plethora of stain glass windows that are also up for grabs.

Rich Penn Auctions

If you want to check out the full items up for auction, you can just click here.

This will be done in a series of auctions that will kick off Friday, November 12th, and conclude on that Saturday, November 13th. It will start off in the Black's Building on Friday and will then be moved to the Waterloo Convention Center.

Rich Penn Auctions

Scroll down to take a look at just some of the items that will be available for auction. This is only a drop in the bucket of vintage, antique, and frankly odd items that have some sort of association with the historic Black's Building.

Wild Things Up For Auction From Waterloo Black's Building

The Black's Building is auctioning a whole bunch of historic and somewhat odd items in November.

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