It’s not every day you see a house on wheels. OK, so maybe it's technically a building.

Mike Ferris

I came across this old red stone brick building across from the Marion Public Library at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 11th St. just a block or two behind City Square Park.

After living through Derecho, a brick house on wheels didn’t seem a single bit unordinary.

In 2020 nothing seems a bit unordinary.

I don’t know who owns it or where it’s going. I’m not sure if the house is being saved for historical purpose or if a new location will bring its new tenants good luck.

But seeing a house in the process of being transported was a sight, the kind of curiosity that generates a million kid questions from a grown ass adult.

Like, are there companies out there that actually MOVE houses?

Yep and the Goodwin House Moving company of Washington, Iowa is one of them.

They picked up this beauty of a building and lifted it right off the foundation. Their motto is "Save a tree, move a house!"

Mike Ferris

It’s a pretty impressive site to see. I don’t know what it cost to move a house but estimates it can range anywhere from $15,000 to $100,000 - which is a pretty wide estimate.

Mike Ferris

Driving further down 11th Street, I noticed that Derecho had claimed another business sign. My old favorite The Freeze Ice Cream Parlor has lost its sign in the windstorm. But they are open, and ice cream goes well with sympathy.

Mike Ferris

Later I received a note from an old friend with some news from Styx. With touring stopped until further notice, the band has blown the dust off of their Cyclorama album and put together a video to one of the those songs.

It's called “These Are the Times”. It’s a tribute to the first responders and essential workers on the frontlines. The lyrics are spot on “…these are the times when we find out who we really are…”

For me, it also speaks to all the volunteers who are stepping up and helping those in need in Eastern Iowa. Neighbors pitching in, cleaning up the damage Derecho has done.  We appreciate every one of you and like the band Styx, we are grateful for the chance to say thank you.

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