It's been a helluva summer these past few days. It's not often you get temperatures in the 70s to start the month of November, and we've enjoyed more than our fair share of those days lately. Abnormal? Sure. But abnormal has become the new normal in 2020.

Of course the summer weather won't last much longer. It ends this week with rain and colder temperatures, and ultimately the onslaught of winter.

One of the few positive things we've seen over the summer as the result of the coronavirus was a return to outdoor activities. Kids on bikes, joggers and gardeners found lots of company joining them outside in 2020.

And one of the coolest Cedar Rapids traditions returned with a fury, the Saturday Night Car Cruise. This past summer saw First Avenue crammed with classic cars, hot rods, and sports cars nearly every Saturday night.

So let's take another look back at all of the classy chassis that roared up and down the strip from the Northeast corner of Lindale Mall to the Southwest side of Cedar Rapids.

2020 Cedar Rapids Classic Car Cruise

As car owner begin to stow away those beauties into garages and storage sites, we say thanks for reviving memories of our youth, and for bringing an enjoyable pastime to the summer of 2020. We hope the car cruises continue in 2021.

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