Stephen Colbert debuted as the new host of The Late Show on September 8th. I was a huge fan of David Letterman dating back to his "Late Nite" days over at NBC, but all things must pass. Letterman could be a lot of things, including curmudgeon. You'll never use that word to describe Colbert. It feels like a completely different show happening inside the Ed Sullivan Theater.

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On Wednesday, September 23rd, Pearl Jam will be the musical guest on The Late Show. For many years, Letterman's Late Show was the only television program the Seattle band appeared on. Their first appearance came back in 1996 when they performed "Hail, Hail" from No Code. They made Late Show appearances to promote their next 4 albums as well. They performed "Wishlist" from Yield (1998), "Grievance" from Binaural (2000), "I Am Mine" & "Save You" from Riot Act (2002) and "Life Wasted" from their self-titled album (2006).


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