Charlie Berens YouTube Channel
Charlie Berens YouTube Channel

Did you miss Charlie Berens' sell-out stop in Cedar Rapids a few weeks ago?

Thanks to a Facebook ad that popped up on my feed today, you've been notified that he's coming back to the Hawkeye State in September:

And if you haven't seen this guy's videos that make fun of us Midwesterners for all of our little idiosyncrasies, you need to right now.

Sure, some of it may be more pertinent to those Minnesotans and Wisconsinites with the thick 'Meeneesoughta' Canadian-esque accents, but hey. It's still pretty frickin' comical. And of course, we all know a transplant to Iowa that talks like this. Heck, it may be your parents!

Berens got his start in comedy in 2016, after beginning his career as a journalist. According to the comedian's website, "He turned his attention toward acting and developing his scripted series. He found success at the Just For Laughs Festival where Kevin Hart picked up Co-Anchor Confidential for his LOL comedy platform.

Charlie is regularly featured on Funny or Die. His comedic mashups including 'If Jack Dawson Was Really From Wisconsin' have garnered more than 13 million views. Most recently Charlie's Manitowoc Minute series has received similar success -- including millions of views, and a sold-out standup comedy tour."

He also has a book available: The Midwest Survival Guide. What his site describes as "just the walleye-deep look into this distinctive, beautiful, and bizarre American culture you’ve been looking for."

I can't speak for you but this man makes me and all my midwestern quirks feel seen.

Though the added stop in Davenport hasn't been added to the tour destinations on his site, you can find tickets to the show here. There are still plenty of seats available (for now)!

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