There have been a lot of responses to the April 25th decision to turn off the traffic cameras here in Cedar Rapids. While many citizens are pleased that they will no longer be ticketed for going slightly over the limit, Iowa lawmakers have a different take.

According to CBS2/FOX28, "The City of Cedar Rapids will move forward with an appeal after a judge ruled that the Iowa Department of Transportation has control over speed cameras along main highways." There was a 7-1 vote on Tuesday  in favor of an appeal.

The original article from CBS2/FOX28 reminds us that the traffic camera debate began back in 2015 when three cities (Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Muscatine) requested a judicial review of the DOT's authority concerning the control of the cameras.

"The DOT ordered some cameras to be shut off because they did not make interstate highways safer." The cities thought the DOT was infringing on their ability to self-govern but Judge Scott Rosenberg said the power rests with the DOT when it concerns primary highways.

Regardless of which side you're on, two of the three cities (Cedar Rapids and Des Moines) have expressed their intent to appeal the ruling. We will keep you updated on any developments concerning the traffic camera's status.

[Source: CBS2/Fox28]

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