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When I saw the CBS2 News headline which said the Iowa legislature is sending a bill that Gov. Kim Reynolds is likely to sign into law regarding 'sanctuary cities", I thought to myself "nothing says WELCOME TO IOWA quite like: STAY  THE HELL OUT!"

I guess if Iowa is really that concerned about a wave of villains, evil-doers, and 'ner-do-well types infiltrating our borders, then by all means, keep passing these types of laws that fuel fear and animosity and block out those less fortunate.

According to the report, the Iowa Senate approved this "expansive immigration enforcement bill Wednesday that would require local governments comply with federal immigration law or risk losing state money."

"Supporters say that this bill is about increasing public safety and protecting communities from criminals. There are no so-called "sanctuary cities" in Iowa but this bill is framed as a ban against them – a proactive measure to ensure there won’t be any sanctuary cities in the state in the future." 

I believe this kind of closed-minded "preventative" effort is really just an example of fear and ignorance that is overriding common sense and compassion.

It is my hope that someday we can see the pendulum swing back toward tolerance and support for the poor and often misunderstood people who wish to make the USA their home.

[source: CBS2 News]

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