What student doesn't love those school days that end two hours early? What parent doesn't dread them? Well kids, you better get used to going a full day on Fridays because early outs will soon be gone in Cedar Rapids.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that for nearly a decade, the Cedar Rapids School District has shortened the day for students one day a week. The time off is then used for staff and professional learning. But all that will end after the current school year. Weekly half days are gone according to the new 2024-2025 school calendar.

So when will these professional learning days happen? The Gazette reports that instead of weekly half days, there will be 15 professional learning days sprinkled in throughout the year either on Mondays or Fridays, including the first four days before the first day of school, and three days in January. Students will not have school on those days.

The Gazette reports that school officials say that the daily attendance rate across the district is 92%. On early out days, that falls to around 90%. On early out days, schedules are condensed, which can affect learning time. Officials say the new schedule will "maximize instructional time...and provide adequate professional learning opportunities."

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