The Cedar Rapids Community School District announced late Monday that they would be closing all of the domes at two middle schools immediately.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that the domes at both Taft and Harding middle schools are now closed due to deterioration in the support beams. Students and staff will be removed from areas in the domes including the gym, cafeterias, and performing arts classrooms. The two schools were both constructed in 1965 using the same two-dome design.

Back on October 11th, the district closed the east dome at Taft after an inspection found that it was unstable. The Gazette reports that in an email sent out to parents in the district, additional damage was found in the schools. Chad Schumacher, the director of operations for the CRCSD, stated;

Today’s investigation revealed additional damage, which was not seen on our visual evaluation underneath the steel supports. In addition, as we move into the winter months, the extra weight of snow and ice on the domes would put more stress on the beams, causing things to shift and move. Knowing this, we are taking precaution in closing all four domes.

The domes will remain closed until repairs can be made, according to the Gazette. District officials say they hope to have a repair plan in place as soon as possible. Until then, the school district is trying to get some portable buildings to provide more space at Taft, while at Harding, classrooms will be rearranged to open up more space.


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