Music fans will soon have a brand new spot to kick up their heels and it's going to be in the former home of a popular bowling alley.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette talked to Craig and Brett McCormick, the owners of BoMac's who are about to turn Westdale Bowling Center into "Back 40". The McCormicks purchased the bowling alley at 2020 Scotty Dr. SW in June.

The name is inspired by the relative "remoteness" of the location

Back 40 by definition is a term for a "remote or undeveloped part of a farm". Although Westdale Bowling Center was a major hotspot from its opening in 1984 until it closed in 2018 after co-owner Jim Tickey's death, those familiar with its location know it's nestled in between a gym and an apartment complex. The venture is also part of another attempt to help revitalize the Westdale area, according to the McCormicks.

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More Bo Town Entertainment projects are also in the works

The father-son duo owns several buildings adjacent to Bo Mac's on 16th Ave. SE, including a vacant building next door they intend to turn into an entertainment venue in its own right. But, turning back to the location of Westdale Bowling Center, they've sold most of the bowling equipment off to get ready for the revamp, but they're considering leaving a few lanes open, which is great news. Otherwise, they will have outdoor concerts in their parking lot and a banquet. Between this and their other ventures, McCormick says their objective is to help "Cedar Rapids become the music and art capitol of the midwest".

When will Back 40 Be Open?

Work is well underway but the McCormicks are not projecting an exact opening date. They'll be looking for staff, in case you need a job!

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