If you haven't heard of Sandlot Sports CR, you're definitely missing out! It's a fun new place for sand volleyball this summer. With 23 courts, it's the largest sand facility in the Midwest.

Never heard of it? Well, you probably have driven by it a thousand times without even knowing it. The Sandlot can be found behind Twisters Gymnastics on Tower Terrace Road NE in Cedar Rapids.

They host leagues, tournaments, camps, clinics and you can even rent the facility out for your own event. I'm told they even offer FREE open play on Sundays. You can contact them by calling (319) 531-7770.

And I almost forgot, they serve beer! I was at the Sandlot for a private party last summer. We had a blast and the staff were super cool. It doesn't matter if you were a collegiate volleyball player or picked last for every team in middle school, the Sandlot is a perfect place for everyone!

If you just want to go watch, the outdoor bar is fully stocked with ice and cold beer all summer long. You can also play bags, ping pong or spike ball on the side.

So if you like getting sandy and sweaty, or even if you just like beer, it's definitely worth checking out. You can visit the Sandlot online, via this link.

I'll see you this summer!

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