Expect to see a lot more action around the building in the photo soon. It's the new home of the Iowa Derecho Resource Center, still giving strong help to those in need despite several relocations of its own following the August 10 storm.

The founder of the Iowa Storm Resource Center Raymond Siddell told KCRG they had to quickly move out of their previous location as it was being sold and torn down, near the former McGrath Ford on First Avenue. The quick exit was a blessing in disguise, according to Siddell who says the new spot, at 1150 27th Ave. SW is a much larger space that will help them provide for the 1500 people a week they've been serving, along with their effort to continue providing 300 free meals a week. They have their "regulars" but have also seen an influx in new visitors needing their assistance over the last 30 days, as this weekend's accumulating snow reminded us all that Winter is coming, and so is Christmas, with many still picking up the pieces.

Their application is still pending to become an official non-profit organization known as Together We Achieve. In doing so they hope to be able to stay put in this new location permanently and to receive additional grants to help serve the community.

The new location for the Iowa Derecho Resource will open this Tuesday. They are taking time to unload and organize everything they had to pack up and move out of their last location.

We applaud the work of Raymond Siddell and the volunteers at the Iowa Derecho Resource Center who look to continue their efforts for as long as needed.

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