I wasn't aware that axe-throwing was becoming a recreational hobby. Apparently, it is, with leagues popping up all over the nation. Instead of throwing darts, you're hurling a hatchet at a target. The trend has hit the corridor as the first axe-throwing themed bar is set to open in Iowa City.

This summer, Hatchet Jacks will open its doors in Iowa City. Some of you might be raising your eyebrows at drinking while throwing an axe. But the owner says it's no more dangerous than bowling. Owner Nick Carroll says that there will also be 'axe-perts' walking around giving people tips and pointers. And while yes, it will be a bar, there will be a three-drink limit. Anyone 18 and older will be allowed to throw an axe.

Carroll says that in an age of technology and gadgets, something simple like axe throwing harkens back to simpler times. The Iowa City Chamber of Commerce has also come out in support of the new establishment saying they support bringing more unique activities to the area.

Hatchet Jacks will open at the end of June, but they will have a booth at the Iowa City Block Party on June 23rd. At least one member of the KHAK staff is all ready to throw!

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[via KCRG]