There are a lot of sayings about neighbors.

"A good neighbor increases the value of your property."

"How can you have sweet dreams when your neighbors are a nightmare."

"Good fences make good neighbors."

In the case of this story, the fence is sturdy but the neighbors are the worst.  In a property dispute in Orlando, Florida one of the owners decided to put up a fence to "clear up" where the property line was.  The problem with this is that the current property line, according to records, is set right down the middle of the houses pool and garage.

According to WFTV both lots were owned by the same person who had a house on each.  He then sold both of them to one new owner who knocked down the existing structures and built one house across both lots.  But that owner went into foreclosure and the lots ended up being sold to two different people.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.  We hope your neighbors don't ruin it for you.


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