If you're looking for a weekend getaway (or even a mid-week getaway) possibly the most beautiful cabins in the state are located near Decorah, in Northeast Iowa.

Decorah High Point Cabin Rentals have four rustic cabins available year-round and four others that are available during the warmer months. As their website states, these cabins are Affordable, Romantic, Hot Tubs, Secluded, Reunions, Rustic.

Plus, the views looking over the bluffs of Winneshiek County are amazing and there's even a hiking trail available to guests.

The cabins are located just 25 minutes from Decorah in the 'Driftless Area' of the state --- a region that was ice-free during the last ice age. (This is less than a two-hour drive from Waterloo) If you like to go fishing, canoeing, or tubing, the Decorah High Point Cabins are located just a few minutes from the 156-mile long Upper Iowa River. There are also numerous trout streams located within the area – Northeast Iowa has some of the best trout fishing streams in the nation.

If you enjoy stargazing, but find it hard with all the light pollution of the city life, you'll be amazed by the thousands of stars that you can see as you sit by a campfire overlooking the bluffs or while you relax in the hot tub on the deck of the Magnolia Cabin.

As you can imagine, reservations for these cabins fill up fast, so plan your trip accordingly! Visit their website HERE or contact Decorah High Points Cabins HERE. You can also check the availability HERE.

Decorah High Point Cabins

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