There are some pretty terrific Airbnbs in the midwest, right? We've showcased many here in Iowa, and for a lot of folks, that can make for a fun staycation.

But, if you're looking to hit the road, I have an amazing Airbnb you can check out in southeastern Nebraska. It's about 5 hours from both Cedar Rapids and Waterloo. It's also 100 years old and looks NOTHING like a conventional Airbnb!

If you're nothing like a conventional adventurer not looking for a place that's 900 miles away, but feels remote and offers sites you may not find in your own backyard, this may be for you.

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Located in Crab Orchard, this former working corn crib is now a people crib. It's not one to haul the whole fam to, but rather a cozy getaway for two, or just one if you're looking for a picturesque escape.

This is also a place I'd say you want to experience in the spring, summer, or fall as there's so much to do outside.

Before we look at the Airbnb both outside and in, here are some stats on the perfectly 5-star rated property:

  • Located in Crab Orchard, Nebraska
  • Comfortable for one or two guests
  • One bed
  • One bath
  • On its own 34-acre private lake
  • Property is available for $150 a night
  • Pets are allowed
  • The property has AC
  • There is a firepit
  • The home has a balcony
  • The host is an Airbnb Superhost

Are you ready to take a look around the Corn Crib Cottage?

Let's go!

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