Last week we shared the news that a live, touring version of the popular game show Wheel of Fortune was making its way to Iowa. Today I am excited to tell you another very popular syndicated game show has hit the road!

The Price is Right live touring show is heading to only one midwestern town (so far) on its 2022 tour.

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Currently, in its 50th season on TV, the Price is Right stars Drew Carey who took over for the legendary original host Bob Barker back in 2007. The show, which airs on CBS, gives audience members a chance to win amazing prizes like cars and cash.

CBS' "The Bold And The Beautiful" Showcase On "The Price Is Right"
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The traveling show is very similar, though the prizes are a little less valuable. On the touring show's website they say that since the touring production started, they have given fans a chance to play and win on some of the TV show's most popular games:

Randomly-selected contestants play everyone’s favorite games like Plinko, Cliffhangers, The Big Wheel and even the fabulous Showcase. Lucky audience members can even win prizes right from their seat.

Now you have a chance to 'come on down!' But, you'll have to drive on over to Omaha, Nebraska if you'd like to try your hand at the live show.

The touring production is set to hit Omaha on Wednesday, October 26th. The event will be held at the Liberty First Credit Union arena. Tickets run between $30 and $150. The show is not televised and will not feature Drew Carey, though they do mention a "Celebrity Host" on the website.

For more on the live shows, including a place to purchase tickets, visit the official touring website here. If you do get to go, I hope you have a chance to come on down and win something BIG!

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