Anywhere you choose to live will have its positives and negatives. If you choose to live in a bigger city, you might enjoy the social aspect of your life and the many stores, jobs, or opportunities an area like that can provide for you. If you choose to live in a smaller community, you might love the tight-knit community aspect or the safety and privacy a smaller town will give you.

Every community, every city, and every state will have its pluses and minuses. What about the state of Iowa as a whole? Is Iowa generally liked by most people who live here? Do the states that border Iowa hate when they see an Iowa license plate driving through their state?

Zippia has researched the most hated states in America and here's where Iowa stacks up amongst the rest of the country.

Hate might be harsh word but job opportunities, cost of living, recreation, and politics can all play a major factor into whether or not you genuinely enjoy the state you live in. Vis versa, you might hate how your neighboring state is run, you might have rival sports teams, you might think their drivers suck, or in general, you just don't like the vibe of the people in neighboring states.


Most Hated States in the U.S.

For any Iowan who isn't a fan of our neighbors to the east, I have great news for you, not even Illinois own residents like it there. The most hated state in the country, by its own residents is Illinois. According to Zippia, 25% of Illinois' own residents think it's the worst state in America. Yikes. That's number 1 by a MASSIVE margin.

If we travel to the west coast, California is the most hated state by other states in America. 9 other states think California is the number 1 worst state in the country. On the other side of the spectrum, Colorado is the most liked state by other states. There's not one single state that believes Colorado is the worst.


Our beautiful state fairs pretty well in this study. The Hawkeye state is ranked as the 30th most hated state, by a combination of Iowa residents, and other states in the country. Following behind with a tie at 31 is Wisconsin and Indiana. The least hated midwestern state is Minnesota, showing up at 46.

The metrics used in the study were:

  • The percent of residents who say the state is the worst possible state to live in
  • The states with the biggest decrease in population
  • Nationwide, the number of other states who say they hate a state the most

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