Some residents in Moline woke up to find some very disturbing pieces of propaganda on their lawns and in their driveways. Someone was going around throwing rolled up newspaper on Moline resident's property that was being held together by a sticker promoting a group with racist beliefs.

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On Wednesday, a coworker of mine who is a resident of Moline, gave me a rolled up bundle of newspaper and told me to read the sticker holding it together. I couldn't believe what I was reading when he handed it to me.

This is what the sticker said:

Connor Kenney/Townsquare Media Quad Cities

Below the sticker is the name of the organization and their website. I took a photo without the name of the group and their website because putting that in this article would give them exactly what they want.

My coworker, who lives in the 3200 block of 13th Ave Ct, said that he found this rolled up newspaper in his lawn this morning. He also said his next door neighbor and another neighbor on his block had found the same thing.

Connor Kenney/Townsquare Media Quad Cities
Connor Kenney/Townsquare Media Quad Cities
Connor Kenney/Townsquare Media Quad Cities

It seems the people or person who is promoting the racist group, is taking old newspaper, rolling them up, and using the sticker pictured above to hold it together. There was no message inside the newspaper.

I contacted the Moline, East Moline, Silvis, Davenport, Rock Island, and Bettendorf Police Departments to find out if they have received calls today (Wednesday), in the last few days, or in the past week. All police departments say they have had no reports, but thanked us for the warning.

If you receive the above, or any, racist propaganda, report it to your local police department. All of the non-emergency lines for each department I contacted today are listed below:

  • Davenport - 563-326-7979
  • Bettendorf - 563-344-4015
  • Rock Island - 309-732-2677
  • Moline - 309-797-0401
  • East Moline - 309-752-1555
  • Silvis - 309-792-1841

Quad Cities Texts

Quad Cities Texts