Minnesota and Iowa may not be "best of friends" as most Midwesterners see it. But, when it comes to rivalries, there aren't many... Iowa vs. Nebraska, oh yeah. Iowa and Illinois... eh, somewhat. But Iowa vs. Minnesota just seems kinda meh.

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Well, maybe that's about to change. Minnesota's governor, Tim Walz, made a remark about an Iowa institution that just seems... stupid. And, in an election year, unnecessary and petty

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Governor Walz made a remark, reported by Axios, about our state fair which just wrapped up on August 21. By the way, it's important to note the Minnesota State Fair kicked off on August 25th. His remark?

I always appreciate Iowa kind of doing a little warm-up, like the minor league state fair so Minnesota can bring in the major leagues.

Huh? So our state fair is a warm-up? I fail to see how we're priming a different state for its fair. Do you recall Walz encouraging young Minnesotans to go to Iowa to endure state fair training, so one day they can be called up to the big leagues?

The comparison, a poor sports analogy, simply makes no sense. And look, I am a Minnesota boy. I love the Minnesota State Fair. But, I also love the Iowa State Fair. Their very similar and, attract people of all ages and all walks of life, as a fair should.

One of the few differences I have found between fairs is the Minnesota State Fair has all-you-can-drink milk. I'm lactose intolerant so, that sounds disgusting.

Both fairs have killer Grandstand acts, a Ye Olde Mill, a giant slide, food for days, live broadcasts from local TV and radio stations, tons of free live music (with gate admission), fresh baked cookies, dairy royalty of some sort (the Butter Queen in Iowa and Princess Kay of the Milky Way in Minnesota), and on and on.


Thus far there's been no clapping back from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. If she's smart, she'll ignore Gov. Walz and accept the fact that no one really cares. About the only accurate element of the governor's statement, Iowa is home to several minor league teams, including two from Minnesota - the Wild and Timberwolves. But again, that's a stretch.

There are fatty foods on a stick, and overindulging in deep-fried items at both fairs. That is what we can all agree counts. If anything, we should be challenging each other to go to both fairs.

God bless the Midwest. And deep-fried junk food.

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