Minimum wage workers in Linn county can see a boost in minimum wage over the course of the next few years. A hot topic among presidential hopefuls minimum wage increase has become a controversial topic between workers rights and the impact it may have on small businesses. County Supervisors have proposed several options in continuing the conversation.

Cities could choose three options of this ordinance: It can accept it, modify the ordinance to its own liking or opt out completely. - KCRG

While an increase seems inevitable on a national level, some local businesses fear they may not be able to afford the increase. Shawna Lane who works at local Sub City claims business has been down over the past few years. While she understands the need to pay a fair wage to new workers she has her concerns.

"I'd probably have to raise prices, and I wouldn't be able to afford anything extra for the business...I think it should be based on what the business wants, not what the county wants... Or what the business can do." - Shawna Lane"

The Linn County Board of Supervisors will take a vote on Wednesday to address the issue and make a decision on how to approach it.

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