As the Covid-19 crisis continues to worsen...Menards has made some policy changes to help keep their customers and employees safe.

Menards posted a change to their policy on their website. They will not be allowing anyone under the age of 16 and pets to enter any of their stores due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Customers who appear to be younger than 16 will be asked to show identification. Service animals will still be allowed to shop with their owners.

In my opinion, this is a policy EVERY store should have in place. If at all possible, parents need to leave their kids at home! This is no time for "leisurely" shopping. If I were a door greeter at Walmart, my first words to everyone coming in would be...."GET YOUR STUFF AND GET OUT!"

Meanwhile, Home Depot will start closing at 6:00 PM to provide additional time to perform cleaning and restock shelves. They are also promoting social distancing, by limiting the number of customers inside at any given time.
...and Lowe’s has also enacted new store hours, closing all stores at 7 p.m. daily to ensure additional time to replenish essential products and thoroughly clean and sanitize our stores daily and enforce customer limits to allow proper social distancing.

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