The Megadeth tour made a stop last week in the Quad Cites. The show was at the iwireless Center in Moline, Illinois. I'm so mad I missed it! The band was so close to Cedar Rapids, but I had another commitment that night. To make matters worse, I was actually in Rock Island earlier that day.....just five minutes from the venue.

Anyway, Metal Hammer reports Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine made an example of what he called a "pile of sh*t" fan who interrupted him during the gig. Mustaine was introducing the song "Holy Wars…the Punishment Due" when a fan shouted out as he was speaking. Now I really wish I would have been there!

Teamrock reported that a clearly unhappy Mustaine told the audience: "Okay, everybody, I'm going to wait until this a**hole is done talking." I think it's safe to say he was pretty frustrated at having to stop what he was saying to begin with.

He goes on to address the man directly, by saying: "No, go ahead. Whatever you've gotta say is more important than what I've gotta say. Go ahead. Talk or shut the f*** up," according to an article on Teamrock.

This guy had to feel like the village idiot. But it sounds like he had it coming...It could have been worse. My friend Robbie once lost his girlfriend at a Megadeth show in Davenport. She had a backstage pass and he didn't. Let's just say, the girl made friends with one of the band members very quickly. I wont tell you the name of the guy, but I can give you hint. His old band was called Metallica. It's ironic, don't you think?