Tuesday's Mega Millions is a big one. Nobody hit the big prize on Friday and now the jackpot sits at $303 million. If you win, the cash option will be a cool $176 million! Get those tickets now, the drawing will happen this Tuesday, September 25th.

Lottery players across the country are gearing up for the big drawing on Tuesday. I waited in line at a local gas station behind one person who bought 50 tickets! As you make your lottery purchases, remember the odd are not in your favor.

The odds of winning is roughly 1 in 259 million for the Mega Millions game. With that said, I wouldn't spend your entire paycheck on the long shot chance at financial freedom.

I plan to invest $5. That's my budget and I'm not going over it. I don't care if you copy from me. It would be a pleasure to split the jackpot with my friends reading this blog!

4-19-13-4-77 and the Mega Ball 7.

Good luck to us!

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