Iowa's only medical marijuana manufacturer is ready to begin selling cannabis oil and other marijuana medical products at five state-approved facilities in just 30 days.

The official opening of MedPharm in Des Moines took place earlier this week according to KGAN, and on December 1, the five area facilities will begin selling medical marijuana products including capsules, creams and tinctures.

These products will contain varying levels of CBD and THC, the two parts of the marijuana plant that benefit sick patients. The products will be available to aid critically ill patients who suffer from illnesses like epilepsy, Crohn's disease and cancer.

While it is an important step forward, it is only the latest (and possibly the smallest) step possible in bringing Iowa into the 21st Century when it comes to updating our laws and our thinking of marijuana.

The next push Iowa needs to fight for is decriminalization of small, personal-use amounts of pot. We need to stop incarcerating people for this reason.

Next, let's legalize the use of pot and give Iowa farmers a new cash crop that has become a bounty for other U.S. states and for all of Canada, too.


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