Friday was not an easy day for the Marion Police department's switchboard operator.

The department took a lot of calls complaining of the way cops handled a problem of an obviously diseased female deer that had been reported roaming city streets the past few days.

As gently as they could, Marion cops harnessed the animal and then humanely put her down with two shots.

A citizen who recorded the incident was outraged and posted the video to Facebook. That video has since been removed by Facebook due to "violent" content.

And then the critical comments poured in.

All over the cops simply doing their job.

This is the world we live in now. Everyone has an opinion and are entitled to it. But too many times we give our opinion before considering all the facts.

We support the Marion Police for taking care of this problem and for having enough composure to dismiss the well-intention yet unenlightened criticisms of Facebook commentators.

If you've read this article all the way to this point, you are one of the few who understands the importance of fully comprehending all sides of any issue before jumping to conclusions.


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