A Marion woman has launched a unique business model she says came out of the many challenges Eastern Iowa faced in 2020.

Shelf2Table was launched on December 12. It's an online business operated by Cathy Lockwood, who's bringing her experience as a former hotel/restaurant manager to the new venture. A description of the business on its Facebook page reads:

Visit www.Shelf2Table.com for a selection of SHELF STABLE - FREEZE DRIED Ingredients, Snacks & Meals! Stock up on FREEZE DRIED Fruits, Veggies, Treats, Meats, Dairy, Eggs, Meals, & more! No fridge or freezer needed. No Prep, Less Waste. Long Shelf Life!

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Lockwood sells freeze-dried goods and says most of what she sells has a shelf-life of multiple years, some up to 25 years. Not only is the shelf-life longer, but Lockwood tells KWWL the freeze-dried nature helps maintain the quality and lock in 97 percent of the food's nutrients. There's a lot less prep time. You essentially just add water to most of the products and you're good to go.

Her products reflect the importance of readiness for emergencies.

But not just for emergencies, Lockwood reminds prospective customers her freeze-dried, vacuum-sealed goods including fruits, vegetables, prepared meals, meats, drinks, cheese, and more, are perfect for your next camping trip or a quick snack at work.

Learn more about Shelf2Table at its website and place an order. Her website says they provide free shipping across the U.S. on orders of at least $99 and free local, no-contact delivery within a 20-mile radius of Marion. Here's more from the site on why you should give Shelf2Table's products a try:

  • Freeze-Dried Food retains the original characteristics of the product including color, form, size, taste, texture, nutrients
  • Reconstitutes to the original state when placed in water
  • Shelf Stable at room temperature – cold storage not required
  • The weight of the freeze-dried products is reduced by 70-90 percent, with no change in volume. The product is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Low water activity virtually eliminates microbiological concerns.
  • Offers the highest quality in a dry product compared with other drying methods.
  • Virtually any type of food or ingredient, whether solid or liquid, can be freeze-dried


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