After scrolling social media and seeing so many ads for it the past few weeks, I was curious about a place called "MrBeast Burger." The ads said they had a location coming to Cedar Rapids. I thought nothing of it until I noticed the address. 4625 1st Avenue SE is the same location as the local Red Robin restaurant. Are they going out of business? Is "MrBeast Burger" some new delivery service hired by Red Robin to deliver their food?

Turns out, the two are partnering in what seems to be a recent trend, as Red Robin will stay intact and host a "ghost kitchen" for "MrBeast Burger." A ghost kitchen is where one restaurant that doesn't (yet) have the resources to open its own brick and mortar location, serves its customers out of another restaurant.

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The Cedar Rapids Gazette says MrBeast Burger officially announced their new location inside Red Robin on Twitter on April 29. They have a cool YouTube video to explain what they are about. It's basically a food delivery service app. It's still being set up, with no timetable to open other than "in the near future."

It's interesting that a restaurant would open a ghost kitchen to another restaurant that would seem to be eventually aiming to become a direct competitor, especially one that calls itself the "World's First Free Restaurant."

MrBeast is apparently what the restauranteur and YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson calls himself. They will deliver burgers, fries, and grilled cheese sandwiches, ordered by customers through their app, all while claiming to give away "wads of cash" to their customers ("eat here and get $10,000".) They also have ghost kitchens operating in Bettendorf, Davenport, and Dubuque.

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