Money's getting tighter and tighter by the day for many. So here's an idea to make a few extra bucks by using your upcoming free time off on Election Day this November to work a shift at a polling place in Linn County.

It's one day's work and just a few hours beforehand for training.

You get instant points of respect for pulling a shift at a polling place. It's patriotic! And you can make an easy $200+ for the day by checking voters in.

Last week CNN reported over 600 major companies including Coca-Cola and Best Buy are giving their workers the day off to vote on Tuesday November 3, 2020.

Major businesses across the USA were quick to jump onboard, giving workers the day off to vote. It was either that or face a greater chance of being seen as completely out of step with virtually every consensus.

It is logical that Election Day should be a National holiday, like Thanksgiving. Even  though November is only 30 days long, it is still a pretty crappy month of weather, so it  could use a second holiday in the month.

So let's get back to that extra $200+ you can make for a day's work. Linn County is expected to be hiring hundreds of poll workers to staff voting sites on Election Day.

As a poll worker, you'll verify and check in voters using a provided iPad.

You get paid for online and in-person training so you'll be ready to go on November 3 and you'll also be paid for mileage to training and work.

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