Anyone who works in our office knows my new-found loyalty to Kum & Go. I walk in to work daily with a cup of their coffee, and I usually just polished off a piece (or five) of the always hot and ready pizza while driving from my home in Tiffin (SHOUT OUT TO THE TIFFIN K&G).

Now, it looks like I may have a new spot to plunk down my hard earned dollars and swipe my rewards card. According to The Gazette, the West Des Moines based company is planning to build a huge new store in Iowa City.

How big is huge? 5900 square feet huge!

From The Gazette:

City Manager Geoff Fruin said the new store and fuel islands will replace an existing 2,880-square-foot Kum & Go at 2303 Muscatine Ave. as well as the Towncrest BP at 2315 Muscatine Ave.

“This would be consolidating two filling stations into one,” Fruin said. “There will be a single curb cut from Muscatine instead of two or three. From a traffic standpoint, this proposal cleans things up quite a bit.”

A Marketplace location will offer a few more amenities than a standard K&G. Kristie Bell, Kum & Go director of communications, said in the article, “The Marketplace stores offer a wide selection of fresh and made-to-order foods, expansive beer cave, a seating area with free Wi-Fi and charging stations, and a selection of fuels.”

I personally can't wait for the new store, but being that it is still in the planning and zoning stages, no projected opening dates have been given.

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